Helping Teens Make Wise, Healthy Choices




Dear parents: You are the most important people in your son/daughter's life. We want to partner with you to help your teen make healthy choices. Here are some links that may help you talk to your kids about topics such as sex, drugs, alcohol, television and the internet. You may also want to check out the sites on our teen page.




Cyberbullying/Internet /TV Parental Controls/Protection Against Internet Pornography




Teen/Parent Drive Alive Program


Recommended Reading:

The Talk by Gayle Bucher
A Chicken's Guide to Talking Turkey to Your Kids About Sex by Kevin Leman and Kathy Flores Bell
Questions Kids Ask About Sex Medical Institute for Sexual Health
SEX: What You Don't Know Can Kill You by Joe S. McIlhaney Jr., M.D.
Hooked by Joe S. McIlhaney Jr., M.D.
Dateable by Josh Lookado and Haley DiMarco

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