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Programs We Offer

5 SESSION PROGRAMS WE CURRENTLY OFFER - For more detailed information about these courses, click Curriculum Outlines under the Parent tab.


Growing Up – for 5th Grade Students  
Through videos, games, activities and discussions, pre-teen students will explore the following topics: 

Decision Making
ommunication Skills
Puberty & Body Changes
Bullying and Harassment
Media and Discernment
Healthy Friendships
Trust & Responsibility
Internet & Cell Phone Safety
Appropriate Affection
Topics Requested by the Schools 



Alive & Well Middle School Programs - separate programs for 6th, 7th and/or 8th Grade Students
These programs use abstinence and character education curricula designed to meet the needs of middle school students. Lessons are centered around the fact that wise decisions made during pre-teen and teen years can indeed be "lifesaving" ones! These courses teach that abstinence from sexual activity before marriage is not only beneficial, but preferred for the physical, mental, social, and emotional health of the individual.  Possible consequences in each of these areas are discussed. Topics such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, wise use of technology, dating guidelines, respect, dealing with abuse, avoiding pornography, and many more are also explored. These programs build upon one another each year but can also stand alone. Homework assignments encourage parental involvement and promote discussions of topics at home. 


ASPIRE - for High School Students
Aspire is an interactive program which takes high school teens to a deeper level.  Discussions, videos, demonstrations and games challenge them to evaluate themselves and their motives before making decisions. Session topics for Aspire include:


1) Living Life on Purpose: YOU are here for a reason!

2) Reaching Your Goals: Self-discipline

3) Responsibility: How do your choices affect you and others?

4) Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

5) Living Outside Yourself: Making a difference in your world

Teens will work to create their own personal mission statements which will help them to explore their skills and talents, set goals, determine the steps to reach their dreams, avoid roadblocks, choose mentors and accountability partners and find ways that they can personally make a difference in the world.


THRIVE - for High School Students
Thrive is a five day, media-driven, interactive program that educates, inspires and empowers high school students to carefully consider the important decisions they are facing at this critical time in their lives. Teens are encouraged to think about how their character affects their behavior. The benefits of making wise choices especially in the area of sexuality are discussed. Topics in Thrive include:

  • How does my character rate?
  • Gaining respect by internalizing positive character traits.
  • What does a healthy dating relationship look like?
  • How can maintaining healthy relationships now benefit a future marriage?
  • Sexual abstinence VS risky sexual behavior.
  • Methods to create healthy boundaries in order to avoid negative peer pressure and relationship abuse.
  • Spotting negative messages in the media and planning ways to resist their influence.
  • Leaving a positive digital footprint.
  • Topics requested by the school.

The format of Thrive gives students the freedom to share ideas and discuss challenges in a positive environment. Homework assignments encourage parental involvement and promote discussions of topics at home. 




Alive and Well health educators would be happy to create other programs to meet the needs of your school, church or organization.



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