Helping Teens Make Wise, Healthy Choices

Program Details & Prices


We are here to help!  Alive & Well is passionate about teaching teens the truth in the midst of the lies that bombard them from the radio, television and their devices. We currently reach over 2,000 students each year in Adams, Allen and Wells counties’ public and private schools.

 Our instructors go into 5th – 12th grade classes once a week for five to eight weeks with fun, interactive lessons about a variety of teen issues.  We use videos, games, prizes, “magic tricks”, discussions and Parent Talk assignments to educate, empower and inspire teens to make wise, healthy choices.  Schools can customize the programs depending upon the topics and number of sessions desired.  Students really enjoy having us there and appreciate the interaction with our instructors concerning the issues that they struggle with. 

Our programs cost $90/session for a class of up to 30 students.  Most schools only pay 1/3 of this cost, because of grants and donations from local agencies.  If you need information about possible funding sources, let us know!


Contact Wendy Bailey, Executive Director, or 855-425-4832.

1-855-425-4832 | 650 North Main Street | Suite B | Bluffton, IN