Helping Teens Make Wise, Healthy Choices

Introduction to Alive & Well

Dear parents: You are the most important people in your son/daughter’s life. We want to partner with you to help your teen make healthy choices.  We provide school, church or community programs geared toward the issues teens face with a main focus on the topic of abstinence until marriage. Other topics we explore include:

  • self-control
  • treating others with respect
  • improving self-esteem and positive character traits
  • resisting negative peer pressure
  • dating guidelines
  • drawing your line on the steps of affection
  • setting goals and career planning
  • what does a healthy marriage look like?
  • possible consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage
  • secondary abstinence or starting over
  • prevention of drug and alcohol use
  • appropriate use of cell phones
  • the influence of media
  • leaving a positive digital footprint
  • signs of an unhealthy relationship/boundaries




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