Helping Teens Make Wise, Healthy Choices

Alive & Well's Mission & Vision Statements



Alive & Well exists to partner with parents, educators and youth workers in order to equip young people with the skills they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. While peers and society often pressure our youth to become involved in impulsive, risky behaviors, we encourage them to make informed, healthy choices.  With a main focus on the topic of abstinence until marriage, Alive & Well specializes in providing fun, interactive programs that speak to teens on their own level. These programs may be used by schools to meet a variety of state and national standards.  By combining in-class instruction and website follow-up, Alive & Well helps students to develop positive character traits, set goals, make wise decisions, resolve conflict, foster healthy relationships and build self-esteem.






Our mission is to provide high quality, interactive programs that will educate, inspire and empower young people to make wise, healthy choices especially in the area of sexual abstinence until marriage.

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